This morning: The Wop =)

Tried an old 90s groove; did not fit well with my body. But ill keep trying. haha.

The groove is basically all in your core/back/and butt. When project forward the direction you are going, the shoulder follows, ex. going left your left shoulder goes down, right goes up. and going right, right shoulder down left shoulder up, and then just switch off.  



I've been having trouble with grooves so I've decided to do a different groove for 30 minutes every morning. 

Today's Groove: The Wave =)

A groove basically is when you move a certain part of your body a certain way and keep it going. You can add other moves while doing a groove the way you can add parts to a certain type of car. The "groove" would be like the engine and everything else is, well, everything else.  

There are limitless "grooves" which could range anywhere from "robot" to "cowboy" to "ballet." 

I think by doing something different everyday it'll keep things exciting and keep my body attentive. 

Good Day!