So I've been wondering this myself for awhile and it just occurred to me while practicing Jeka's piece: you set up your moves

That's how you make it stand out, by setting it up 2 or 3 moves ahead of time. Before, if I wanted to highlight going up I would go down real quick and then go up slow.  Actually its quite the opposite: you stay down for a long time and then go up real quick; very simple. 

Its like that picture: whatever's being highlighted needs to be the smallest. If it was all white with a black light bulb then the black would stand out and vice versa. 

So think of it like a ratio: if you want to highlight a move, it cant be more than 1/3 of the combo. Like for two counts hold, one count up would highlight up. And I'm sure the bigger the ratio, the more the highlight will stand out; ex. it was 4 eight counts of floor and once you pop up it will look trippy. 

Basically the whole dance would be like a bunch of contrasts with each other since each move needs to stand out from each other. 

ok goodnight.