I am currently choreographing at the moment and these are some of the things I've been keeping in mind while working. 

1. Listen More Than Think- Sometimes I doubt about how people will respond to it so I try to find ideas I think will mesh with everyone but it made my work a bit dull. If you just listen to the song real close, you'll realize that you already have bold ideas opinions about it and that you need to listen to them to make them fully realized. 

2. Don't Be Afraid To Let Go of an Idea- Going back and forth is fine, it's a part of the creative process. Just because I let go of an idea doesn't mean I cant come back to it later. I should appreciate that I have more than one idea and respect that I want the best for myself. Creatively, I have found that trying the new idea I have works in my favor. And if it doesn't work out then again, I can always go back to the original concept.

3. Perform It and Teach it Often- I have found that when I need to explain it to another person, my thoughts become more realized. Teaching will break down the shapes, concepts, and timing and performing will help realize what you really want to say to the audience. My piece from inception to performance changed dramatically and with each performance, my choreography slowly shaved down to what I really wanted it to be. 

4. Revise Revise Revise- Pretty self explanatory but cannot be stressed enough. Each time is like another draft of a paper/novel; each time you revise you get another clue about what you really want. Many novels are crafted this way also going through plenty of revisions up until it is published.

5. Don't Stop Until You Are Satisfied- It is a disrespect to myself. It is my work, my thoughts, and my ideas. This piece in the end is really for no one but me so what would it look like if I never had to show anybody. That's what it should look like. 

Ok, back to work for me.

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